Data Online provides a variety of Cloud Solutions from Virtual Servers, Onsite Backups, Offsite Backups to back up your data and your critical business applications to the cloud all without the cost of building and maintaining a second site. Data Online also helps you leverage the cloud for disaster recovery (DR), with replication to keep your business continuity when disaster strikes in on premise.

  • Entirely cloud based – Secure all your data in the cloud.

  • Any number of devices – Secure all your devices.

  • Disaster recovery – Onsite Replications to our Cloud.
  • Access from anywhere – Backup and restore from anywhere in the world.
  • Real-time backups – Schedule your backups to run anytime.


Our infrastructure provides ability in for every application or piece of infrastructure to be expanded to handle increased load. Suppose your web application gets featured for Black Friday. Suddenly, thousands of visitors are using your app – can your infrastructure handle the traffic? Having a scalable web application ensures that it can scale up to handle the load and not crash, or even just slow pages leave your users unhappy and your app with a bad reputation. Systems have four general areas that scalability can apply to. Disk I/O, Memory, Network I/O and CPU.

Our solutions

Enabling Cloud-driven Transformation

veeam cloud

Our Hosted Virtual Servers are hosted on super fast SSD storage and guarantees the very best of perfomance with 99% uptime, 24/7 ICMP Monitoring and Daily Backups. 

provides knowledge about characteristics of a cloud property through both its definition (e.g. expression, unit, rules) and the values resulting from the measurement of the property.

Cloud marketing is the process of an organisations efforts to market their goods and services online through integrated digital experiences, by which they are specialised for every single end user.